[rkward-users] rkward output issues [TOC and plot parameter modifications].

Sourav Chakraborty schakra1 at uno.edu
Thu Oct 25 15:35:30 UTC 2012

Hi Thomas,

For me the problem still exists! I updated RKward this morning.

Here is the new version (not really different than yesterday!):
Version 0.6.0z+0.6.1+devel1
Using KDE Development Platform 4.7.4 (4.7.4)

I was unable to get a change log info but hope the following information
will help you determine if I am using the right ppa and build. 

Let me know if I am doing something wrong.



On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 16:41 +0200, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wednesday 24 October 2012, Sourav Chakraborty wrote:
> > I ran ggplot2 code again. Only one plot is visible, plot history is
> > still not working properly.
> ok, thanks. So I updated my ggplots2-package, and now I can see the problem, 
> too. I've fixed it in SVN, right away, so please try again with the next daily 
> build, tomorrow.
> (Too late to fix this for 0.6.0, of course).
> Regards
> Thomas
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