[rkward-users] rkward output issues [TOC and plot parameter modifications].

Sourav Chakraborty schakra1 at uno.edu
Mon Oct 22 19:33:10 UTC 2012

Hi Thomas,

I will work on the CSS side and report back later. 

I ran your ggplot2 code. Even if I ran the code 3 times, I saw only one
plot (I am supposed to see 3 plots - correct?). I don't see them in the
history and can't navigate through "previous" or "next".

Thanks for all your help.


On Mon, 2012-10-22 at 13:29 +0200, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:

> Hi,
> On Thursday 18 October 2012, you wrote:
> > First of all, I appreciate what you are doing for free. I will not say
> > that anything about this software bugs me. However, I was wondering if
> > there is a flexibility as it is a open source development project. And
> > you already mentioned that I can create a custom CSS. I have done some
> > searching and found out that I should manipulate the following code.
> > Unfortunately, I have no knowledge about CSS manipulation. A little
> > reading did not help me. It would be great if you can enlighten me about
> > how and where I can incorporate level 1 font 14 point (bold) spacing (6
> > above 3 below) in the following code (and if I want to change level 2
> > fonts where should I define it).
> first, please note that the CSS-file we provide is minimal, and does not 
> specify the size of captions or the spacing around them, at all. So what you 
> are seeing is the default styles for your system. Frankly, though, I don't 
> have any idea, where these can be configured (anybody?).
> For this reason, it is also hard to tell, where exactly the spacing comes 
> from. Try adding:
> h1 {
>     font-size: 2em;
>     margin: 0;
>     padding: 0;
>     line-height: 80%;
> }
> Experiment with that. For level 2 headings write "h2", instead of "h1", and so 
> on. For regular text write "body".
> > Let me try to clarify one more time. If a script loops through my
> > columns to create graphs for each column, is there a way to keep the
> > graphs in the
> > R graphics window (I have done this before, however, now I only see one
> > graph at a time when I run my script).
> I'm afraid, I still don't understand. Do you want separate windows per graph? 
> Add an 
>   x11()
> before each plot, then. Or you don't see them in the history ("Previous plot", 
> "Next plot")? Works for me. Try this (non-sensical) example:
>   library (ggplots2)
>   if (!exists ("i")) i <- 0
>   i <- i + 100
>   a <- ggplot(mtcars + i, aes(factor(cyl)))
>   b <- a + geom_bar()
>   b
>   dev.copy (device=rk.graph.on)
>   rk.graph.off()
> Copy this to a script window, and use Run->Run all, repeatedly. Here, this 
> yields one plot window, with a history of plots. Does it fail to work for you?
> Regards
> Thomas
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