[rkward-users] rkward output issues [TOC and plot parameter modifications].

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Oct 18 07:54:13 UTC 2012


On Thursday 18 October 2012, Sourav Chakraborty wrote:
> What I get:
> Huge font size in TOC -
> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/823/rkout1.png/
> Considerable blank spaces after the title.

does it help to change the font size? View->Enlarge Font / Shrink Font, 
default shortcuts Ctrl+ and Ctrl-.

> No control on the size of the output image.

Settings->Configure RKWard->Output->Graphics .

When writing your own R code, you can also pass parameters width and height to 

> What I wish:
> Control over each level of TOC fonts and spacings (using some sort of
> parameters)

The development version has some support for adding custom HTML-headers to the 
output document, e.g. a custom CSS-definition. If it really bugs you, you 
could also modify the (extremly basic) default CSS file we ship. Use
View->View Document Source on the output window to find out where this is 
located on your system.

> Copy graphs to the output according to a certain specifications (for
> example 480 X 240 px) (I can create a desired graph by changing
> parameters within RKWard, however, when the graph is copied to output it
> goes to default.

See above, the defaults are configurable. It may make sense to provide an 
additional option to copy on-screen graphs to the output in their current 
size. Feel free to submit a feature request 
(http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=459010&group_id=50231&func=browse) so 
that we will be reminded about this, in time.

> There is one last thing:
> When I use the following code, I get one graph in the active window (I
> am copy pasting code for each variable - which is a crude way to do it,
> but I am not really savvy with looping mechanism yet). "Previous and
> next" is - grayed out. Usually when I get boxplots from a data within
> RKward, I get sequential outputs and I can go back and forth to look at
> individual plots.

I did not actually try this code (if you can, please try to condense your 
examples to the absolute minimum, and use data from the datasets-package; this 
really saves us valuable time), and maybe I did not understand the problem. 

> plot (c, align = "left")
> dev.copy (device = rk.graph.on)
> rk.graph.off ()

What this will do is:
1. Create the plot in the default device, i.e. on-screen.
2. Copy the onscreen plot to the output window.

I guess, instead, you were looking for:
  rk.graph.on ()
  plot (c, align = "left")
  rk.graph.off ()

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