[rkward-users] setwd in RKward and load csv files

dirk dns_hmpf at web.de
Tue Oct 11 14:13:43 UTC 2011

Am Dienstag 11 Oktober 2011, 15:58:47 schrieb Asif Wazir:
> How i set the path in RKward in ubuntu..(setwd..) and how i load and save
> the csv files.
Both you can do with normal R commands, which you either have in your script 
and run from there or enter in the interactive console.

You already mentioned the setwd('/path/to/your/workspace/') function. For 
loading csv files there is the read.csv('/path/to/your/file.csv/') or the more 
flexible read.table() command.  Normally you assign the output of this function 
to a variable, i.e. my.data, so that you can access it via the variable. 
Alternatively you might want to use the graphical dialog for data import (I 
guess it was 'File -> Import').

In both cases you will find your data in your current workspace, which you can 
explore with ls() or when you open the workspace panel with the button on the 
left side.


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