[rkward-users] [Help] RE: Rkward windows do not refresh

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Tue Jun 14 18:02:38 UTC 2011

The following forum message was posted by tfry at http://sourceforge.net/projects/rkward/forums/forum/165574/topic/4523913:

[quote]Could this problem be caused by rattle()? [/quote]

Not in theory. But of course, in theory, you would not see this problem. All
you can do is try (i.e. detach package::rattle, before you save the workspace,
next time). I have installed rattle, here, but still could not reproduce the
problem, so far.


The crash looks like it occurred while exiting RKWard. Is that correct?
Unfortunately, there is not much to be seen from the backtrace, beyond that.
Let me know, if you see this more often, though.


[quote]Assert failed
at /build/buildd/rkward-0.5.6z+0.5.7/rkward/core/renvironmentobject.cpp - function
packageName line 52[/quote]
[quote]Assert failed
at /build/buildd/rkward-0.5.6z+0.5.7/rkward/windows/rkcommandeditorwindow.cpp
- function tryCompletion line 545 [/quote]

Ok, I've just fixed these. They were harmless, though.

[quote]Assert failed
at /build/buildd/rkward-0.5.6z+0.5.7/rkward/misc/rkxmlguisyncer.cpp - function
uiRcFileChanged line 85 [/quote]

This still needs fixing, but I am fairly sure that it is also harmless.


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