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By: tfry


sorry, I had not been paying attention. In fact, since both x11()
and grDevices::x11() create a window all right, that could not be the source
of the problem. So disregard my previous post.

One issue we had in the past was that R sometimes thought it was in non-interactive
mode when running inside rkward. Could you try

> interactive()            # I suspect this may yield FALSE on your system
> options()$device

If R is indeed in non-interactive mode, let me ask again, which version of rkward
this is. Recent versions try to make sure R runs interactive. Some older versions
would sometimes not run interactively, when invoked directly (e.g. from the
menu), instead of from a console/xterm. Could you try starting rkward by typing
"rkward" in an xterm? Any change?


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