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By: tfry


> But with rkwards, when I type these commands in the script file windows ,
nothing appears.

Do you really mean the script file window, or perhaps rather the R Console?
The first is what you get when you select File->New->Script File from the Menu.
The latter is what you get by clicking on the R Console button at the bottom
of the main window. Commands in the Script File window are not executed at all,
until you select to "Run" them (from the menu, toolbar, or shortcuts). The R
Console in contrast should behave just like a regular R session.

If you are in fact referring to the R Console window, this is supposed to work,
and does, here. In this case, which version of RKWard / R / KDE are you using?
What happens when you enter
> x11()
? What happens when you enter
> grDevices::x11()


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