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Fix outdated info

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diff --git a/RKWard_Source_Repository.md b/RKWard_Source_Repository.md
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--- a/RKWard_Source_Repository.md
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@@ -75,23 +75,10 @@ steps are needed (less, if you use some advanced tricks).
 ## Producing patches
-Our preferred mechanism of accepting patches is via "phabricator"
-However, especially for simple patches, you can also submit them to the
-[mailing list](Contact.html). In general, follow this procedure:
-1.  Follow the instructions given above
-2.  run git pull --rebase
-3.  Make your changes directly in your clone of the repository
-4.  Maybe run *git pull --rebase* again, to make sure changes other
-    people made don't conflict with your changes
-5.  run git diff \> patch.diff
-6.  submit the diff on <http://phabricator.kde.org>, or send it to the
-    mailing list with a short message, on what you did, and why.
+[Submitting patches](Patches.html)
 ## Source browsing
 You can also browse the Git repository online:

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