[rkward] i18n: Start being strict about allowing only (mostly) complete translations

Thomas Friedrichsmeier null at kde.org
Wed Apr 4 15:34:03 UTC 2018

Git commit b555b5a8405999f38dd9d3784b453d0670c459a0 by Thomas Friedrichsmeier.
Committed on 04/04/2018 at 15:33.
Pushed by tfry into branch 'master'.

Start being strict about allowing only (mostly) complete translations

M  +3    -5    i18n/CMakeLists.txt


diff --git a/i18n/CMakeLists.txt b/i18n/CMakeLists.txt
index c9f5db99..1eeaba60 100644
--- a/i18n/CMakeLists.txt
+++ b/i18n/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -5,11 +5,9 @@ MACRO(RKHandlePO _PO_FILES)
 		LIST(LENGTH _nameParts _namePartsCount)
 		LIST(GET _nameParts 0 _poid)
 		LIST(GET _nameParts 1 _lang) # Remainder of _nameParts should be "po"
-		IF(NOT ${_poid} STREQUAL "rkward")
-		ELSE(NOT ${_poid} STREQUAL "rkward")
-		ENDIF(NOT ${_poid} STREQUAL "rkward")
+		# This can be used to allow temporary exceptions to our "translations must be at least 80% complete, as else, they are probably in bad shape"-rule.
+		# NOTE: Could also be set only for specific ${_poid}s (e.g. recently added po files)
 		SET(_gmoFile ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/${_poid}.${_lang}.gmo)

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