[rkward/work/frameworks-Mac] rkward: Merge branch 'frameworks' into work/frameworks-Mac

René J.V. Bertin null at kde.org
Tue May 23 10:00:27 UTC 2017

Git commit c86c8244ec97f95ce15cb4fb9d20a085f4d76eb5 by René J.V. Bertin.
Committed on 23/05/2017 at 09:24.
Pushed by rjvbb into branch 'work/frameworks-Mac'.

Merge branch 'frameworks' into work/frameworks-Mac

commit 5d88c1bc969c5fa634259c5945773818fc526341
    Err... debug to stderr, of course
commit 040035e3e3241f4737636c98185b4d37d482068b
    Add option to send debug output to terminal
commit f3274d69247bb593c49f918a38730d21f1c9337f
    Remove windows-only setInternet2-option. No longer supported by R.
    (Essentially, setInternet2(TRUE) is the new default behavior since R 3.2.2).
commit e8df47d8d09e87670072c33b9ce1e05fd7ac6ac1
    Give backend thread a chance to shutdown properly.
    Should fix the "QProcess: Destroyed while process still running" warning.
commit dbb076128572a445e27c6c0b50aae59fd304d6a1
    Fix display of plots in output window on Windows.
commit 69cf554b9345bcd056accc18ff95b7f17f33e4f2
    More compilation and runtime fixes for Windows.
commit 6ea53cf921a9b1e98eb7690c782862e5236cfd9a
    Windows-specific compilation and startup fixes.
commit 1945fa6dee4013c59b3dc32cbd9defc9db33f080
    Fix initialization bug.
commit fbbc9cbd77f9dfbba3eb8dc4fa13a55a6dbe5cdc
    Fix previous commit
commit 3e2b9a16960cb3eb2061c219c58a200175cf5567
    Replace locale update hack with Qt's new mechnism for updating the current default QTextCodec.
    Also, use QTextEncoder / QTextDecoder to get defined behavior on non-representable characters.
    This should hopefully fix a crash on startup on Windows.
commit f8515deb1ddd7394f82a57048f279a10d45a5d66
commit ec772dcc8819b2c1b48ae33ca3064af4d60f2ced
    Fix file detection on Windows 64bit

M  +24   -7    rkward/main.cpp
M  +1    -2    rkward/rbackend/CMakeLists.txt
M  +3    -0    rkward/rbackend/FindR.cmake
M  +12   -7    rkward/rbackend/rkfrontendtransmitter.cpp
M  +0    -25   rkward/settings/rksettingsmoduler.cpp


diff --cc rkward/rbackend/FindR.cmake
index a97ee0c7,e82629f1..3c1053df
--- a/rkward/rbackend/FindR.cmake
+++ b/rkward/rbackend/FindR.cmake
@@@ -14,8 -14,11 +14,11 @@@ ENDIF(R_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND
  # find out about R architecture (needed for some paths)
 -	COMMAND ${R_EXECUTABLE} "--slave" "--no-save" "-e" "cat(R.version$arch)"
 +	COMMAND ${R_EXECUTABLE} "--slave" "--no-save" "--no-init-file" "-e" "cat(R.version$arch)"
+ 	IF (${R_ARCH} STREQUAL "x86_64")
+ 		SET (R_ARCH "x64")
+ 	ENDIF (${R_ARCH} STREQUAL "x86_64")
  MESSAGE (STATUS "R architecture is ${R_ARCH}")
  # check R version.

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