[rkward] rkward/misc: Fix minor layout problem and search line focus

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Nov 16 20:24:58 UTC 2015

Git commit 6e7e53d13efdde55754324719df86b6388322256 by Thomas Friedrichsmeier.
Committed on 16/11/2015 at 20:24.
Pushed by tfry into branch 'master'.

Fix minor layout problem and search line focus

M  +2    -1    rkward/misc/rkobjectlistview.cpp


diff --git a/rkward/misc/rkobjectlistview.cpp b/rkward/misc/rkobjectlistview.cpp
index e4626cc..313e188 100644
--- a/rkward/misc/rkobjectlistview.cpp
+++ b/rkward/misc/rkobjectlistview.cpp
@@ -266,6 +266,7 @@ QWidget* RKObjectListViewSettings::filterWidget (QWidget *parent) {
 	layout->addLayout (hlayout);
 	sline = new RKDynamicSearchLine (filter_widget);
+	filter_widget->setFocusProxy (sline);
 	sline->setModelToFilter (this);
 	RKCommonFunctions::setTips (sline->regexpTip (), sline);
 	connect (sline, SIGNAL (searchChanged(QRegExp)), this, SLOT (filterSettingsChanged()));
@@ -318,7 +319,7 @@ QWidget* RKObjectListViewSettings::filterWidget (QWidget *parent) {
 	type_box->addItem (i18n ("Show functions, only"));
 	type_box->addItem (i18n ("Show objects excluding functions"));
 	RKCommonFunctions::setTips (i18n ("When looking for a particular function, you may want to exclude 'data' objects, and vice versa. This control allows you to limit the list to objects that are not (or do not contain) functions, or to those that are (or contain) functions."), type_box);
-	elayout->addWidget (type_box);
+	boxvlayout->addWidget (type_box);
 	if (hide_functions) type_box->setCurrentIndex (2);
 	else if (hide_non_functions) type_box->setCurrentIndex (1);

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