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Minor edits and de-emphasizing GHNS part

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 sequentially with the last performed task at the bottom.
 It is also possible to write to the output directly from \proglang{R}
 scripts by using a number of dedicated \proglang{R}
-functions included in the \code{rkward} package. For the GUI-driven data handling functions, the output is
+functions included in the \code{rkward} package (part of \pkg{RKWard}). For the GUI-driven data handling functions, the output is
 standardized to include the name of the feature, the date and time of
 its execution, and other basic parameters, wherever
 applicable. Further, a clickable \texttt{Run

Modified: branches/jss_dec_10/final_polished/v49i09_technical.tex
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@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@
 \section{Object modification detection}
 \pkg{RKWard} allows the user to run arbitrary commands in \proglang{R} at any time, even while
@@ -209,6 +210,7 @@
 for non-sequential browsing (see the section on graphics windows in the main article) providing a very intuitive browsing
 interface unlike the native implementations in \code{windows()} and \code{quartz()} devices.
 \section{Plugin infrastructure}
 One of the earliest features of \pkg{RKWard} was the extensibility by plugins.
@@ -385,10 +387,11 @@
 it becomes instantly available after the configuration dialog is closed. External plugin sets are
 neither officially included nor supported by the \pkg{RKWard} developers. However, they allow plugin
 developers to easily extend \pkg{RKWard} with state-of-the-art or highly specialized features. To
-achieve this, \pkg{RKWard} draws on \pkg{KNewStuff2}, a \pkg{KDE} library providing support for \pkg{GHNS}\footnote{
+achieve this, \pkg{RKWard} (version 0.5.6) draws on \pkg{KNewStuff2}, a \pkg{KDE} library providing support for \pkg{GHNS}\footnote{
 \pkg{GHNS} (Get Hot New Stuff) is a technology platform (software and specifications) for desktop users to share their work. It is hosted
 under the umbrella of the freedesktop.org project at \url{http://ghns.freedesktop.org}.
+\footnote{In future version of \pkg{RKWard}, \pkg{KNewStuff2}/\pkg{GHNS} framework will be deprecated in favor of standard \proglang{R} packages.}.
 \subsubsection{Automated testing}

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