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Sun Jan 8 17:48:19 UTC 2012

Revision: 4144
Author:   m-eik
Date:     2012-01-08 17:48:19 +0000 (Sun, 08 Jan 2012)
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added new TOC to ChangeLog

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/rkward/ChangeLog
--- trunk/rkward/ChangeLog	2012-01-08 14:54:36 UTC (rev 4143)
+++ trunk/rkward/ChangeLog	2012-01-08 17:48:19 UTC (rev 4144)
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+- Added dynamically generated table-of-contents menu to output document
 - Fixed: Would not show output of system() commands to stderr on the console (on Unix-like systems)
 - Allow some markup inside <text> elements in plugins, and auto-add breaks only for duplicate newlines.
 - Reorganized t-test plugin, and add support for single sample t-tests			TODO: adjust test(s)

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