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Wed Sep 14 08:43:02 UTC 2011

Revision: 3770
Author:   sjar
Date:     2011-09-14 08:43:02 +0000 (Wed, 14 Sep 2011)
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linebreak -> line break

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Modified: trunk/rkward/ChangeLog
--- trunk/rkward/ChangeLog	2011-09-14 08:42:19 UTC (rev 3769)
+++ trunk/rkward/ChangeLog	2011-09-14 08:43:02 UTC (rev 3770)
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
 - Added function rk.demo(), which is similar to demo(), but opens the example script in a script editor window
 - Fixed: Some plugin dialogs would not become visible, or be shown in very small size, with some window managers
 - Fixed: Potential crash when using context menus with "focus follows mouse" window activation policy
-- Added shortcut Ctrl+Enter to insert a linebreak and submit from a script editor
+- Added shortcut Ctrl+Enter to insert a line break and submit from a script editor
 - Reduce CPU usage while idle
 - Pareto-plot plugin gains more tabulation options				TODO: also use in piechart, barplot, dotchart
 - rk.results() now prints rownames, where appropriate

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