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Thu May 26 22:33:52 UTC 2011

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Author:   sjar
Date:     2011-05-26 22:33:52 +0000 (Thu, 26 May 2011)

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removed notes

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Modified: branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/FINAL_splitted/RKWard_annex.tex
--- branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/FINAL_splitted/RKWard_annex.tex	2011-05-26 22:32:22 UTC (rev 3630)
+++ branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/FINAL_splitted/RKWard_annex.tex	2011-05-26 22:33:52 UTC (rev 3631)
@@ -88,8 +88,5 @@
-% TF: I'm worried that this will look like bike-shedding to the editors. So we have been given permission to keep our technical section,
-% but I don't think that counts as permission to add too much new content (with the expection to stuff that is new in 0.5.6).

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