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Add footnotes and ciations on KDE and Qt. Interestingly, both citations were already in sources.bib.

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 functionality for basic-statistical courses, though the features have increased over
 time beyond this \citep{Fox2005, Fox2007}. In November 2002 Thomas Friedrichsmeier
 started the \pkg{RKWard} open-source software project with the goal to create a GUI for
-\proglang{R} based on \pkg{KDE}\footnote{\url{http://www.kde.org/}} and \pkg{Qt}\footnote{\url{http://qt.nokia.com/}} technologies.
+\proglang{R} based on \pkg{KDE}\footnote{
+  \pkg{KDE} is a desktop environment and software collection based on \pkg{Qt} (\url{http://www.kde.org/}).
+  In the context of this paper, the term \pkg{KDE} is primarily used to refer to the programming library and
+  runtime environment of \pkg{KDE}, rather than the complete software collection. For an introduction to
+  \pkg{KDE} as a programming library, see \cite{Faure2000}.
+} and \pkg{Qt}\footnote{
+  \pkg{Qt} is a \proglang{C++}-based cross-platform programming library with a focus on GUI development
+  \citep{BlanchetteSummerfield2008}. Online documentation is available at \url{http://qt.nokia.com/}.
+} technologies.
 The scope of \pkg{RKWard} is deliberately broad, targeting both \proglang{R} novices and experts.
 For the first group, the aim is to allow any person with knowledge on

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