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 appeared to be mostly functional, but there have also been unresolved reports of failure to compile or to start
 \pkg{RKWard} on Mac OS X. Since \pkg{KDE} project does not currently offer binaries for Mac OS X, installation
 of \pkg{RKWard} also requires compilation of the \pkg{KDE} runtime environment, and its dependencies from source,
-which takes many hours to complete on current systems. Further, \pkg{RKWard}'s grapics device window related features
+which takes many hours to complete on current systems. Further, \pkg{RKWard}'s graphics device window related features
 (see Section~\ref{sec:plot_previews}) are only available when compiling and using \pkg{KDE} and \pkg{RKWard} in
-\pkg{X11} mode. In conclusion, \pkg{RKWard} on Mac OS X cannot currently be considered ready for regular users.
+\pkg{X11} mode. In conclusion, \pkg{RKWard} on Mac OS X cannot is not currently suitable for most users.
 \subsection[Starting RKWard]{Starting \pkg{RKWard}}
 \pkg{RKWard} cannot be loaded from within an \proglang{R}

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