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added some text and sources from peer-review literature which cite usage of RKWard

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 While \pkg{RKWard} tries to address users wishing to learn \proglang{R}, it is specifically not
 designed as a teaching tool (such as \pkg{Rcmdr} or \pkg{TeachingDemos}), but as
-a productive tool. Dialogs for statistical procedures in \pkg{RKWard} do not
+a productive tool. Since its incarnation \pkg{RKWard} has gained acceptance for usage in peer-rewiewed 
+publications \citep{Zou2008, Zou2009, Rugg-Gunn2010, Yang2011, Roediger2011}.
+Dialogs for statistical procedures in \pkg{RKWard} do not
 necessarily show a one-to-one correspondence to the underlying steps in \proglang{R}, but are
 rather oriented at statistical tasks. Furthermore, \pkg{RKWard} does not impose
 artificial limitations on how users can work with the application. For example,

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