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Submitted By: Milan Bouchet-Valat (nalimilan)
>Assigned to: Thomas Friedrichsmeier (tfry)
>Summary: high CPU usage while idle

Initial Comment:
I very often keep my RKward workspace open for a long time while working on something else, because that way I don't need to save and load it all the time. But I've noticed RKward is constantly eating CPU: rkward.rbackend uses about 4%, and rkward.bin 2% of my i5. That's really a lot, and that makes the fan noisy.

As I don't see why RKward would be working while nothing happens, I suppose it's doing something it could avoid. Or is that a bug specific to my setup?

I'm using RKWard 0.5.5 with R 2.13.0 on Fedora 15 (x64). (And BTW RKward is really a great app!)


>Comment By: Thomas Friedrichsmeier (tfry)
Date: 2011-06-17 11:05


Well, supporting all types of R events in a GUI is surprisingly difficult,
and cannot easily be done without some polling. So some idle CPU load is to
be expected.

That said, 4% and 2% really is a lot.  Here, I see about 1% each, on an
aging Centrino-CPU, and the fan stays off.

I have improved this, slightly, in the development version, and probably
this can be tweaked a bit more. It would really help, if you could give me
some feedback, though, since obviously the metrics are a bit different on
your system. Thus, could you take a look at our instructions for compiling
the development version at: http://p.sf.net/rkward/svn ?



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