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 (\url{http://rkward.sourceforge.net/}). Selected key milestones of the development of \pkg{RKWard} are
 visualized in Figure~\ref{fig:timeline}.
-In this paper we will first give an overview over the main GUI elements and
-features of \pkg{RKWard} (Section~\ref{sec:user_interface}), followed by a short example 
+In this paper we will give an overview over the installation process (Section~\ref{sec:installing_starting_RKWard}), the main GUI elements and
+features of \pkg{RKWard} (Section~\ref{sec:user_interface}), and closing by a short example 
 of a simple \pkg{RKWard} session (Section~\ref{sec:using_RKWard}). For readers interested in the technical
 design, and reasons for certain design decisions, a technical supplement to this article
 is available.

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