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Feature Requests item #3058072, was opened at 2010-09-02 11:04
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Category: RKWard user interface
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Status: Closed
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Xavier de Pedro (xavidp)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: add interaction with version control systems? (svn, bzr,...)

Initial Comment:
During this past August when I was blocked in rkward due to a bug in the current stable version for ubuntu 10.04 (rkward 0.5.2), I moved to Eclipse + StatET plugin (for R), and one of the nice things that I saw there, which I miss in RKward is the integrated interaction with version control systems, such as subveresion, bazaar, etc. 

I know in kde I can use kdesvn, for instance, but I saw that Dolphin in KDE SC 4.4 (at least) allows interaction with subversion from it's context menus... So I'm wondering whether it's possible to extend RKward to do something similar to what it's possible in Dolphin.

Any chance to see this in some future version of RKWard?

Thanks for your nice work with this GUI for R.


Comment By: Xavier de Pedro (xavidp)
Date: 2011-07-15 10:57

m-eik: yes, you are right. Thomas added that support for kde service menus
a while ago after my request.


Comment By: Xavier de Pedro (xavidp)
Date: 2011-07-15 10:54

Impelemented in current RKWard versions (at least RKward 0.5.6)  thanks to
supporting KDE service menus.
I added my 2 cents here:

(rescuing the work deon in this area by other people)


Comment By: m.eik (m-eik)
Date: 2011-03-28 11:39


i guess the integration of version control systems you are thinking of is
part of eclipse, not an implementation in StatET itself. the same would be
true for the dolphin integration, which as far as i understand comes with
kdesvn and is not a genuine dolphin (or konqueror) feature.

i've noticed that in my RKWard installation, if i open the file browser
window, the context menus  already feature the same svn entries as dolphin
& konqueror (if kdesvn is also installed). so if that's what you were
looking for it's already there ;-)


Comment By: Xavier de Pedro (xavidp)
Date: 2011-03-18 08:42

Oups, I need more coffee this morning:
"No comments for more than one year... Mmmmm... maybe there is no
This is not true. 

s/more than one year/more than half a year


Comment By: Xavier de Pedro (xavidp)
Date: 2011-03-18 08:41

No comments for more than one year... Mmmmm... maybe there is no interest.

Well, since Eclipse + the RJava console are buggy for me and unreliable,
and since I've seen gret progress with rkward these months, I'm using it
again quite frequently, as well as promoting it among my work colleagues. 

We are also using svn and Bazaar. For svn, I already suggested to
integrate ksvn with rkward, in a similar way in which it was integrated
with other KDE file managers. And as far as I understood, RKward uses
mainly KDE architechture for common things like file management, etc. Maybe
it wouldn't be that difficult? 

And for the last year, we have been using "Bazaar" (
http://bazaar.canonical.com ) to have decentralized management system for
version control on our sets of files. One of the nice things about bazaar,
is that there is already a nice set of Qt-based GUI programs ("Qbzr" -
http://groups.google.com/group/qbzr/web/screenshots ) to ease most tasks
(diffing, pushing, pulling, updating, merging, ...), besides native
solutions for each of the major operating systems. And they work very well
in all of them.

So again, maybe it wouldn't be that difficult to integrated bazaar (Qbzr)
into the menus of RKWard and the file manager, so that the lifecycle of
collaborative projects with R scripts can be much easier through RKWard
itself, without the need to run other programs aside of RKWard?

I would consider paying some money to the coder who is able to add this
integration (If I can afford your rates, whoever coder is willing to
improve this aspect of RKward). I work in a few research teams in which we
are using R, and we they are nowadays getting into Bazaar, and this
improvement would ease the task for them (for us all, in fact).


P.S: In addition, congratulations for RKWard efficiency: I recently
compared the memory consumption of running some scripts (on a Dual-core
Pentium IV with Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.10 with a mixture of gnome and KDE
apps) through:
(1) Eclipse+RJava+STatEt plugin, 

and also through

(2) RKward

and using (2) [RKward], the memory consumption (RAM and Swap) was one
order of magnitude lower for the whole run (30') than through (1).


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