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Wed Jan 26 08:46:07 UTC 2011

Revision: 3384
Author:   tfry
Date:     2011-01-26 08:46:07 +0000 (Wed, 26 Jan 2011)

Log Message:
Use a 'stop' instead of many ifs for the 'Quit Demo' function.

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Modified: branches/jss_dec_10/examples/demo.R
--- branches/jss_dec_10/examples/demo.R	2011-01-26 05:34:59 UTC (rev 3383)
+++ branches/jss_dec_10/examples/demo.R	2011-01-26 08:46:07 UTC (rev 3384)
@@ -3,12 +3,10 @@
 	In each case you will be given the
 	choice of taking ten (more) seconds to interact with the GUI, or to proceed to the next demo. <br><br><b>Note</b>: To be able to interact with the plugin windows, you must click on \"Give me 10 seconds\".")
-didNotQuit <- TRUE
 ok.to.proceed <- function (instruction) {
 	while (TRUE) {
-		didNotQuit <<- TRUE
 		res <- rk.show.question (instruction, "Ok to proceed?", "Give me 10 seconds to try", "Proceed to the next demo", "Quit demo.")
-		if (is.null (res)) {didNotQuit <<- FALSE; break;}
+		if (is.null (res)) stop ("Demo interrupted")
 		if (!isTRUE (res)) return ()
 		Sys.sleep (10)
@@ -24,7 +22,6 @@
 Click on the '+'-symbol next to the object to expand it.")
 ## Figure 5
-if (didNotQuit) {
 library (datasets)
 data (CO2)
 data (DNase)
@@ -36,21 +33,16 @@
 Use Windows->Detach from the menu to detach the editor showing the ChickWeight dataset.<br><br><b>Note</b>: The editors will <b>not</b> be populated with data, until the R interpreter becomes idle, i.e., in this case, until the demo script has finished.<br><br>
 After clicking 'Proceed', the command 'fix(DNase)' will be called. You will need to close the DNase dataset,
 manually, to proceed.")
-if (didNotQuit) fix (DNase)
 ## Figure 6
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.call.plugin ("rkward::import_csv")
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 6</b>:<br>CSV data import dialog has been opened.<br>
 <b>Note</b>: You will have to close the dialog, manually, to get rid of it.</br>
 Click 'Proceed' when done interacting.")
 ## Figure 7
-if (didNotQuit) {
 graphics.off ()
 rk.clear.plot.history ()
 plot (rnorm (50))
@@ -62,54 +54,42 @@
 rk.first.plot ()
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 7</b>:<br>Five plots have been created, and the first has been activated.</br>
 Click on the 'Go to plot' toolbar icon for a drop-down list of plots.")
 ## Figure 8
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.call.plugin ("rkward::descriptive", constMad.real="1.4628", length.state="1", mad.state="0", mad_type.string="average", mean.state="1", median.state="1", prod.state="0", range.state="1", sd.state="1", sum.state="0", trim.real="0.00", x.available="DNase[[\"density\"]]\nDNase[[\"conc\"]]\nChickWeight[[\"weight\"]]\nChickWeight[[\"Time\"]]", submit.mode="submit")
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 8</b>:<br>The result of running the 'Descriptive Statistics' plugin should now be visible in the output window. If it is not visible, use Windows->Show Output from the menu.")
 ## Figure 9
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.call.plugin ("rkward::import_csv", quick.string="csv", name.objectname="experiment.data", file.selection=paste (getwd (), "experiment.txt", sep="/"))
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 9</b>:<br>CSV data import dialog.</br><br><br>
 <b>Note</b>: You may need to adjust the path to the file 'experiment.txt', which we provided in the same directory
 as the demo script.<br><br>
 Click 'Submit' when done. Subsequent demos require this data, so <b>do</b> click 'Submit' before proceeding.")
 ## Figure 10
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.call.plugin ("rkward::t_test_two_vars", confint.state="1", conflevel.real="0.95", hypothesis.string="less", paired.state="1", x.available="experiment.data[[\"before\"]]", y.available="experiment.data[[\"after\"]]", submit.mode="manual")
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 10</b>:<br>Dialog for t-test on imported data.</br><br><br>
 <b>Note</b>: The results (Figure 10B) will appear in the output window after clicking 'Submit'.")
 ## Figure 11
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.call.plugin ("rkward::box_plot", mean.state="", names_custom.text="T1;T2", names_exp.text="names (x)", names_mode.string="custom", notch.state="FALSE", orientation.string="FALSE", outline.state="TRUE", plotoptions.add_grid.state="0", plotoptions.asp.real="0.00", plotoptions.main.text="", plotoptions.pointcolor.color.string="", plotoptions.pointtype.string="", plotoptions.sub.text="", plotoptions.xaxt.state="", plotoptions.xlab.text="", plotoptions.xlog.state="", plotoptions.xmaxvalue.text="", plotoptions.xminvalue.text="", plotoptions.yaxt.state="", plotoptions.ylab.text="", plotoptions.ylog.state="", plotoptions.ymaxvalue.text="", plotoptions.yminvalue.text="", sd.state="", x.available="experiment.data[[\"before\"]]\nexperiment.data[[\"after\"]]", submit.mode="manual")
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 11</b>:<br>Dialog for boxplot of imported data.</br><br><br>
 <b>Note</b>: To follow the text of the article, you can check the 'Preview'-box, here, but this is not required for this demo. Click 'Close' when done.")
 ## Figure 12
-if (didNotQuit) {
 data_list <- experiment.data
 names (data_list) <- c ("T1", "T2")
 boxplot (data_list, notch = FALSE, outline = TRUE, horizontal = FALSE)
 ok.to.proceed ("<b>Replication of Figure 12</b>:<br>Box plot of imported data.</br><br><br>
 Select Device->Export... to bring up the dialog shown in Figure 12 (not accessible programmatically).")
 ## Section 5.2
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.show.message ("<b>Code listing in Section 5.2</b>.<br>The following demo runs the code listing in section 5.2
 of the article.<br><br>First, we run the example that <b>is</b> subject to object modification detection.
 On typical systems, this will take several seconds to complete.")
@@ -122,13 +102,10 @@
 	for (i in 1:100000) i+i
 f ()
 ## Done
-if (didNotQuit) {
 rk.show.message ("<b>Finished</b>.<br>This concludes the demo.<br><br>
 <b>Note</b> that the example plugin shown in section 6 cannot be wrapped into this demo script in a meaningful
 way. For instructions on replicating this example, see the \'README.txt\' file which we provided in the same directory
 as this demo script.")

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