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Date:     2011-01-20 23:44:33 +0000 (Thu, 20 Jan 2011)

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consistent writing

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Modified: branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/GUI_elements.tex
--- branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/GUI_elements.tex	2011-01-20 23:43:49 UTC (rev 3377)
+++ branches/jss_dec_10/FINAL_JSS_TEX/GUI_elements.tex	2011-01-20 23:44:33 UTC (rev 3378)
@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@
 Further, a history mechanism is provided,
 which stores created plots automatically and allows to navigate
 back to earlier plots (Figure~\ref{fig:plot_history}). 
-The history is available as a drop down list of the plot calls as well as using typical ``back''
+The history is available as a drop-down list of the plot calls as well as using typical ``back''
 and ``forward'' buttons on the toolbar.
 The maximum number
 of plots to record, as well as the maximum size of each individual plot,

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