[rkward-cvs] SF.net SVN: rkward:[3437] trunk/rkward/rkward/rkward.cpp

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Wed Feb 16 09:25:36 UTC 2011

Revision: 3437
Author:   tfry
Date:     2011-02-16 09:25:35 +0000 (Wed, 16 Feb 2011)

Log Message:
Remove the warning message on windows. We still need more testing on Windows, but it's not all that bad, any more.

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/rkward/rkward/rkward.cpp
--- trunk/rkward/rkward/rkward.cpp	2011-02-15 12:28:22 UTC (rev 3436)
+++ trunk/rkward/rkward/rkward.cpp	2011-02-16 09:25:35 UTC (rev 3437)
@@ -191,10 +191,6 @@
 		KMessageBox::error (this, i18n ("<p>RKWard either could not find its resource files at all, or only an old version of those files. The most likely cause is that the last installation failed to place the files in the correct place. This can lead to all sorts of problems, from single missing features to complete failure to function.</p><p><b>You should quit RKWard, now, and fix your installation</b>. For help with that, see <a href=\"http://p.sf.net/rkward/compiling\">http://p.sf.net/rkward/compiling</a>.</p>"), i18n ("Broken installation"), KMessageBox::Notify | KMessageBox::AllowLink);
-#ifdef Q_WS_WIN
-	KMessageBox::information (this, i18n ("<p>Please note that RKWard is not well tested on Windows, yet.</p><p>There are all sorts of known issues, and issues yet to be reported. If you'd like to help: <a href=\"http://p.sf.net/rkward/contact\">http://p.sf.net/rkward/contact</a>.</p>"), i18n ("RKWard on Windows"), "rkward_on_windows", KMessageBox::Notify | KMessageBox::AllowLink);
 	setUpdatesEnabled (false);

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