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Last small fix. Note: JSS says not to use caps in the expansion of abbreviations.

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@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
 A further side-effect of the asynchronous threaded design is that there is
 inherently a rather clear separation between the GUI code and the code making direct use
-of the \proglang{R} Application Programmer Interface (API) (see also Figure~\ref{fig:design_sketch}). 
+of the \proglang{R} application programming interface (API) (see also Figure~\ref{fig:design_sketch}). 
 In the current development version, the evaluation
 of \proglang{R} commands has even been moved into a separate process. Therefore in future releases it could 
 be made possible to run GUI and \proglang{R} engine on different computers.

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