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 %during my research work. There is scientific proof according to the papers why using R and thus RKWard is wise.
 %Certainly this applies to all R GUIs, but we are the one with the familiar spreadsheet-like interface and so on.
 %Methinks in the background section would be a good place. I seriously think that *some* readers are not aware of this issue and its implications.
+%TF: Ok, so it would need to be added to the background section, since that is the only place, where we make
+%statements about R itself. I'm reluctant to add too much more to that introductory paragraph, though.
+%Perhaps something like 'has been shown to be more reliable and accurate than many competing statistical
+%software solutions \citep{Almiron2009, Almiron2010}'. If at all.
 Future versions of RKWard will continue to add value for both groups of users. Planned features include
 an enhanced interface for debugging \proglang{R} code, support for editing more types of data, and the

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