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 %regarding estimation, random number generation and statistical distributions revealed serious 
 %limitations. \proglang{R} in contrast was found to be a reliable and accurate statistical 
 %software package \citep{Almiron2009, Almiron2010}.
+%SR: okay I didn't make my point here. The reference to Almiron2009 and Almiron2010 has just the
+%purpose to support that R is the powerhorse and using RKWard does empower the user ultimately.
+%Maybe it should be put somewehere else. The question is ``Why should I use RKWard'' and not, let's say MS Office,
+%during my research work. There is scientific proof according to the papers why using R and thus RKWard is wise.
+%Certainly this applies to all R GUIs, but we are the one with the familiar spreadsheet-like interface and so on.
+%Methinks in the background section would be a good place. I seriously think that *some* readers are not aware of this issue and its implications.
 Future versions of RKWard will continue to add value for both groups of users. Planned features include
 an enhanced interface for debugging \proglang{R} code, support for editing more types of data, and the
 ability to connect the RKWard GUI to a remote \proglang{R} engine. Perhaps most importantly, RKWard will
-gain many new UI dialogs for manipulation, analysis, and visualization of data. The ability to
+gain many new User Interface dialogs for manipulation, analysis, and visualization of data. The ability to
 develop these dialogs as plugins allows to develop and distribute GUI dialogs
 independently of the RKWard core application, allowing any user to help in enhancing RKWard, without in-depth
 programming knowledge.
-The work described in this paper was supported by YOUR NAME OR THE NAME
+The work described in this paper was supported by the RKWard community. We thank in especial (alphabetical order) Adrien d'Hardemare, 
+Daniele Medri, David Sibai, Detlef Steuer, Germ\'an M\'arquez Mej\'ia, Ilias Soumpasis, Jannis Vajen, Marco Martin, 
+Philippe Grosjean, Pierre Ecochard, Ralf Tautenhahn, Roland Vollgraf, Roy Qu, Yves Jacolin and many more people on 
+rkward-devel at lists.sourceforge.net for their contributions.

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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 \section{Creating a plugin}
 As detailed in Section~\ref{sec:technical_plugins}, plugins in RKWard are
-defined by several separate files. To give a rough impression of the technique,
+defined by four separate files (Figure~\ref{fig:plugin_structure}). To give an impression of the technique,
 this appendix shows (portions of) the relevant files for a plugin that provides
 a simple dialog for a t-test. For brevity, the help-file is omitted.

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@@ -210,8 +210,15 @@
 \subsubsection{Defining a plugin}
 Plugins consist of four parts \citep[see Section~\ref{sec:example_plugin} for an example; for a complete
-manual, see][]{Friedrichsmeier2010}:
+manual, see][]{Friedrichsmeier2010} (Figure ~\ref{fig:plugin_structure}):
+ \centering
+ \includegraphics[width=8cm]{../figures/plugin_structure.pdf}
+ \caption{Plugin structure of RKWard.}
+ \label{fig:plugin_structure}
     An \proglang{XML} file, called a ``plugin map,'' is used to declare one or more plugins, each

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