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Sorry. Didn't mean to commit this 'edit war' without a proper commit message.
My concern with the previous version is that is was probably a bit too long, and a bit too argumentative.
At this point I'd try to keep it to main points, and focus on conclusions rather than on giving reasons.
Can probably be improved further.

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 %limitations. \proglang{R} in contrast was found to be a reliable and accurate statistical 
 %software package \citep{Almiron2009, Almiron2010}.
-\proglang{R} scripts which are routinely in use or require complex steps can be programmed as GUI 
-elements in RKWard. Due to its plugin architecture RKWard provides the basis 
-for a highly customizable \proglang{R}-GUI. We show that the plugin development can take place 
-independently without changes in the core application or compilation of binaries. 
-Current developments also targets plugin development via external canals like 
-GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff)\footnote{\url{http://ghns.freedesktop.org/}} independently of the 
-RKWard plugin development. 
 Future versions of RKWard will continue to add value for both groups of users. Planned features include
 an enhanced interface for debugging \proglang{R} code, support for editing more types of data, and the
 ability to connect the RKWard GUI to a remote \proglang{R} engine. Perhaps most importantly, RKWard will
 gain many new UI dialogs for manipulation, analysis, and visualization of data. The ability to
-develop these dialogs as plugins allows any contributor or user to help in enhancing RKWard, without in-depth
+develop these dialogs as plugins allows to develop and distribute GUI dialogs
+independently of the RKWard core application, allowing any user to help in enhancing RKWard, without in-depth
 programming knowledge.

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