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@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
 Contrary to the approach used in \pkg{JGR} \citep{HelbigTheus2005}, RKWard does
 not technically provide a custom on-screen graphics device. RKWard detects when
 new graphics windows are created via calls to \code{X11()} or \code{windows()}. These windows
-are then "captured" in a platform dependent way (based on the XEmbed\footnote{\citep{Ettrich2002}} protocol
+are then "captured" in a platform dependent way (based on the XEmbed \citep{Ettrich2002} protocol
 for X11, on reparenting for the Windows platform). An RKWard menu bar and a
 toolbar is then added to these windows to provide added functionality. While
 this approach requires some platform dependent code, any corrections or
@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@
 wipes it out. A single ``global'' history for the recorded plots is maintained
 which is used by all the on-screen device windows. This is similar to the
 implementation in Rgui.exe (Windows platform) but unlike the one in Rgui.app
-(MacOSX platform). Each such device window points to a position in the history
+(MacOS X platform). Each such device window points to a position in the history
 and behaves independently when recording a new plot or deleting an existing

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