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Re-write conclusion with a focus on providing some form of outlook.

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-\section{Conclusion and Summary}
+\section{Conclusion and outlook}
-Within this work we introduced RKWard which is both an IDE for
-\proglang{R} scripts and a GUI to statistical
-procedures commonly used in the process of statistical analysis.
+In this article we have introduced the RKWard GUI to \proglang{R}. RKWard provides features ranging
+from easy to use dialogs for common statistical procedures, targetted at \proglang{R} novices, to advanced
+IDE features targetted at \proglang{R} experts.
-\item For Desktop
-\item Conservative GUI other than data-flow programming (ViSta (called
-WorkMap, Young 2004, 2005 (JSS), Red-R or Statistiklabor)
-\item Customizable for User needs
-\item Further development (GHNS) of plugins for extension of RKWards
-\item We do not focus on \proglang{R} package
-development but keep it at the \proglang{R} community.
-However, scripts which are routinely in use or require complex steps
-can be converted to GUI elements in RKWard.
-\item Plugin structure independent development (not compatible with
-other \proglang{R} GUI solutions)
+Future versions of RKWard will continue to add value for both groups of users. Planned features include
+an enhanced interface for debugging \proglang{R} code, support for editing more types of data, and the
+ability to connect the RKWard GUI to a remote \proglang{R} engine. Perhaps most importantly, RKWard will
+gain many new UI dialogs for manipulation, analysis, and visualization of data. The ability to
+develop these dialogs as plugins allows any contributor or user to help in enhancing RKWard, without in-depth
+programming knowledge.

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