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Wed Feb 14 19:13:03 UTC 2007

Revision: 1391
Author:   tfry
Date:     2007-02-14 11:13:03 -0800 (Wed, 14 Feb 2007)

Log Message:
Fix t-test wizard

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/rkward/TODO
--- trunk/rkward/TODO	2007-02-14 17:22:19 UTC (rev 1390)
+++ trunk/rkward/TODO	2007-02-14 19:13:03 UTC (rev 1391)
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
 			- maybe we could do the change in the backend, and then sync
 				- function rk.change.vector.mode() to change the mode, keeping attributed, and adding invalid values where needed
 				- sync using updateFromR(), updateDataFromR()
+	- Quitting via q() in the R console will often lead to a segfault during shutdown
 Compilation / technical
 	- Incorporate FreeBSD patches http://www.freshports.org/math/rkward/files.php?message_id=200609172111.k8HLBiob081349@repoman.freebsd.org

Modified: trunk/rkward/rkward/plugins/00means/00ttests/00independent_samples/description.xml
--- trunk/rkward/rkward/plugins/00means/00ttests/00independent_samples/description.xml	2007-02-14 17:22:19 UTC (rev 1390)
+++ trunk/rkward/rkward/plugins/00means/00ttests/00independent_samples/description.xml	2007-02-14 19:13:03 UTC (rev 1391)
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
 			<text>Below are some advanced options. It's generally safe not to assume the variables have equal variances. An appropriate correction will be applied then. Chosing "assume equal variances" may increase test-strength, however.</text>
-			<checkbox id="varequal" label="assume equal variances" value="TRUE" value_unchecked="FALSE"/>
+			<checkbox id="varequal" label="assume equal variances" value="1" value_unchecked="0"/>
 			<text>Sometimes it's helpful to get an estimate of the confidence interval of the difference in means. Below you can specify whether one should be shown, and which confidence-level should be applied (95% corresponds to a 5% level of significance).</text>
 			<frame label="Confidence Interval">
 				<checkbox id="confint" label="print confidence interval" value="1" checked="true"/>

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