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>Category: RKWard user interface
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Status: Open
Priority: 5
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Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
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Summary: Shortcut to jump between windows

Initial Comment:

It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut that would enable the cursor to jump from the script editing window to the console (and the reverse) without executing any lines of code.

One used to be able to do this in Kate by hitting the shortcut to Show Terminal (twice if terminal was already visible). But this was never as good as it could have been. Ideally it would be something like ...

1) Type in script editor
2) Hit Ctrl-J
3) Type in console
4) Hit Ctrl-J
5) Type in script editor (at the place that the cursor was when Ctrl-J was hit the first time)

without having to reach for the mouse.

Thanks, as always, for all your great work.
Ben Goodrich 


>Comment By: Thomas Friedrichsmeier (tfry)
Date: 2007-02-02 20:34

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Ok, this seems like a good idea, though probably we'd want something more
general. What I have in mind right now, is a sort of "history" of the last
used windows. Then we could have one action/shortcut for going back in the
history of windows, and one for going forward. In addition, we might want
to add some actions to go to the different tool windows in the Window menu
(and allow the user to assign shortcuts to these).

Programming this feature is not quite as easy, though, due to the fact
that the tool windows, and the "document" windows (everything shown in the
tabbed area) are two rather different kinds of beasts, and we'd have to
unify them in some way (code wise), first.

I'll look into it.


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