[rkward-cvs] rkward TODO,1.131,1.132

Thomas Friedrichsmeier tfry at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Sep 11 00:26:43 UTC 2006

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RKConsole: when pressing cursor down past the last command, clear the line. Disable undo (minimal speedup)

Index: TODO
RCS file: /cvsroot/rkward/rkward/TODO,v
retrieving revision 1.131
retrieving revision 1.132
diff -C2 -d -r1.131 -r1.132
*** TODO	8 Sep 2006 16:59:16 -0000	1.131
--- TODO	11 Sep 2006 00:26:41 -0000	1.132
*** 9,12 ****
--- 9,18 ----
  	- probably we do not need na_double at all (just any NaN) => less confusion
+ Bugs:
+ 	- There seems to be a race condition at startup, leading to a crash in doPostInit () in rkward.cpp. (Un-)Fortunately it triggers only rarely, and I have not yet figured out, when it occurs.
+ RCommandReceiver:
+ 	- add virtual rCommandStarted () function, so receivers can find out, when their command becomes active
  Some items I'd like to get done for 0.3.7 or whatever the next release is going to be called, if they don't take too long:
  - RKEditorDataFrame
*** 15,18 ****
--- 21,26 ----
  	- when pasting a large array, rows should not be added one by one. Suggested algorithm:
  		- if we find out we've already pasted 100 rows, first check, how many more are to come and add this many both to the variable and to the R workspace. Can potentially avoid *lots* of work
+ - RKCancelDialog / RKErrorDialog:
+ 	- remove these classes. Port to use RKProgressControl instead
  - Rework package management dialog
  	- use install.packages () to handle dependencies
*** 20,23 ****
--- 28,36 ----
  		- BUG: "cannot create html package index" when installing as regular user
  	- Canceldialog and ErrorDialog should be unified!
+ 	- cache available.packages
+ 	- failed calls to require should
+ 		a) pop up dialog (already in place)
+ 		b) fetch list of available packages
+ 		c) select package or give warning, if package is not available.
  	- the UI should probably be simplified somehow. But how? All in a single list with "filter"? Ask for ideas/look at other apps
  		- this will be very hard to do with the current Qt. We'd really need several checkboxes *within* a QListViewItem. Tackle this when/after porting to Qt4

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