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adding first draft of RKComponent-API. To be completed, refined

--- NEW FILE: component-draft ---
RKComponent (and related classes) draft:

Key classes:

something used as input, and output. Several types of this may exist, each offering different values. The more interesting application is using them as input-suppliers for components. Mockups:

class RKComponentSlotBase : public QObject {
public signals:
/** slot has changed its value. Any connected RKComponents should update their state */
	void valueChanged ();
/** supplies the current value. Since more than one value may be supplied, modifier can be used to select a value. Default implementation only has  a single string, however. */
	QString value (const QString &modifier=QString::null);
/** set the value in string form */
	void setValue (const QString &string);

/** special type of RKComponentSlot, that is based on a bool setting */
class RKComponentSlotBool : public RKComponentSlotBase {
/** sets the bool value. Also takes care of notifying dependent components */
	void setValue (bool value);
/** current value as bool*/
	bool boolValue ();
/** reimplemented from RKComponentSlotBase. Modifier "true" returns value if true. Modifier "false" returns value if false. Modifier QString::null returns current value. */
	QString value (const QString &modifier=QString::null);

class RKComponentSlotInt;
class RKComponentSlotDouble;

/** special type of RKComponentSlot, that prepresents an RObject
//TODO: this slot should auto-connect to RKModificationTracker, to be safe when the object gets deleted/changed */
class RKComponentSlotRObject : public RKComponentSlotBase {
	void setValue (RObject *object);
	RObject *objectValue ();
/** reimplemented from RKComponentSlotBase. Modifier "label" returns label. Modifier "shortname" returns short name. Modifier QString::null returns full name. */
	QString value (const QString &modifier=QString::null);

/** special type of RKComponentSlot used to contain R code. All stand-alone RKComponents have this
class RKComponentSlotCode : public RKComponentSlotBase {
/** the preprocess code */
	QString preprocess ();
/** the calculate code */
	QString calculate ();
/** the printout code */		// TODO, maybe we can abstract this away. A component should _either_ do calculation _or_ printout, hence it could all be calculate () only, as well.
	QString printout ();
/** the cleanup code */
	QString cleanup ();

RKComponentSlots are attached to and owned by RKComponents (those that use it as output)

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