Call for testing upcoming RKWard 0.7.3

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Sun Apr 3 21:22:43 BST 2022


I finally found some time to get things moving again, in RKWard
development, and by now a number of improvements are just waiting to be
released. Not for the first time, the timeline for this is being
constrained by an upcoming release of R (4.2.0, scheduled for April
22) that will not work with our latest official release (0.7.2) out of
the box.

From the other end of the timeline, we're currently being bitten by a
crash with KF5 5.92.0. This one should get resolved with the 5.93.0
release, next weekend, but it impacts our ability to build Mac and
Windows binaries in the meantime. (They work ok, as far as I am aware,
*but* with a rather non-professional-looking message up front. You'll
see for yourself.)

In other words, we're looking at a release in around two weeks, and I'm
hoping for your help in testing, to make sure we it will provide a
smooth user experience. A few hints what to look out for:

- As usual, MacOS is in most desparate need of testing:
(build number 1021, today, has severe problems with displaying HTML,
but I'm hoping for 1022, tomorrow).
- I won't link to the nightly builds for all other platforms. You know
  where to find those (I hope (*)).

The development tree has many small fixes all over the place, not all
of which are even documented in the ChangeLog. Some features which may
be more noticeable:
- The RKWard output has been reworked to behave more like a regular
  document. You can save your changes or discard them. It is also stored
  as a single file, now (which, internally, is a zip archive, that
  gets unpacked, when you work with it).
- Support for color schemes: Settings->Color Scheme
- Full support for the graphics features added in R 4.1.0 and (to be
  added in) R 4.2.0: custom clipping paths, patterns, gradients,
  groups, masks.

Looking forward to your feedback!

(*): Speaking of which: You find our website is still a bit confusing
in many ways? I agree. But did you know, you can create merge requests
for the website, and even by editing the underlying markdown files
online? (
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