Updating rkward.kde.org

Carl Schwan carl at carlschwan.eu
Mon Aug 12 21:32:39 BST 2019

Hello Rkward dev,

I recently updated the 3 main KDE wikis (userbase, community and techbase) and I wanted to know what should I do with rkward.kde.org. It's one of the last two wikis still running an obsolete version of MediaWiki.

I have multiple options:

+ Just update the MediaWiki version to the latest LTS version
+ Update the MediaWiki version and change the theme
+ Move rkward to Jekyll (with the same theme as konsole.kde.org, choqok.kde.org or kirogi.org)

I would be in favor of the third option, but what are the thought of the Rkward developers? 

Carl Schwan
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