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i've been busy working on an uninstaller for macOS for the past few days. mac 
users usually just drag an unwanted app to trash and then it's gone, but since 
we install almost everything to /opt/rkward, removing the small app isn't 
going to get you very far. good news is that the new KF5 bundle uses less than 
half the disk space the old KDE 4 version needed (~1150MB vs. ~2500MB), and 
shrinking that further is something to look into for the next point release. 
but i thought, when a user wants to uninstall RKWard, that should also free 
the ~gig of disk space without the need to tinker with the terminal. so now 
there's two uninstall methods:

 - if you drag the RKWard app to trash, the uninstaller is triggered 
   automatically and asks you whether you would also like to remove /opt/

 - in case that fails or you would like to manually invoke the uninstaller,
   there's also an app called "RKWard_uninstall" in the user's ~/Applications

both are based on the same script that is generated during installation, so 
the paths should always match the actual installation (which is currently a 
superfluous feature, see below). the main difference is that the manual 
uninstaller also takes care of the RKWard app.

all of the uninstaller magic is implemented in the postinstall file that is 
run right after bundle installation, so native MacPorts installations will not 
be affected at all.

while i was trying to figure this out, this led to various small but 
noticeable improvements in the bundle package:

 - there's no more RKWard directory in /Applications, instead the RKWard app
   is being installed as a single app -- easier to find and less confusing,
   a lot of users probably wondered what they needed pinentry-mac or Qt
   designer for (those are all gone now)

 - for the moment the installer prohibits you from installing anywhere else 
   than the system volume (thereby preventing unusable installations)

 - the installer received a proper branding with RKWard logo 8-)

all of this is done by a new feature of the bundle script, manipulating 
already packaged bundles. i.e., this won't affect MacPorts installations 

so far we haven't received any reports from mac users on the bundle we 
released a few days ago for testing. in addition to that, i've just uploaded a 
new one including all of the above changes for internal testing. it would be 
awesome if someone could give it a try:

viele grüße :: m.eik

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