Preview - Input needed?

d_jan d_jan at
Sat Jan 30 15:44:25 UTC 2016


> while we're still at brainstorming, I'll toss in a further thought
> in this category: Turn the "Preview"-checkbox itself into a tri-state
> control, e.g. a drop-down menu "Preview disabled", "Docked Preview",
> "Separate window".[…]

What I know as a sort of standard from dockable windows in applications
is having the preview on/off button on the "main" window, and the
attached/detached button on the dockable (sub) window.

E.g. Developer Tools in the browser: Open them via the menu or shortcut;
dock/undock them via a button at the dev tool window.

Or see this mockup: (wording
dock/sockable etc. needs to be discussed, but I think it is clear enough
to get what it does)

Does this make sense?


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