[rkward-devel] 0.6.4 release preparations / KF5 port

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sun Nov 29 20:49:55 UTC 2015


I guess I wrote some words about a release before the end of the year,
so I guess it's time to get started...

Well, I think we are in pretty good shape for a 0.6.4 release.
Important as the usability changes are, these should be relatively
"harmless" as far as testing is concerned. Most other changes are
bugfixing, or have been sitting in the daily builds for quite a while,

So I now branched off releases/0.6.4. I will write a more formal
annoucement / call for testing as time allows, and once we have preview
binaries for the major platforms (Meik, could you take care of Mac,
again?). I'd be looking at a final release around Dec. 20 (testing /
translations deadline Dec. 13). If this collides with your calendar
entries, please let me know.

Note that this does not necessarily mean a feature freeze, yet. In
fact, one thing that I would like to include, if we (volunteers
welcome) can get it done in time, is a re-design of the scatterplot
plugin (around an <optionset>-element). For this, or other last minute
plugin improvements, I suggest to develop in a work/* branch, first,
and then we can decide whether to merge into releases/0.6.4, or master.

Another job looking for volunteers, but not strictly tied to the
release, is migrating our old bugtracker entries from SF.net to
bugs.kde.org (bugzilla). Please contact me on- or off-list, if you think
you can help, here.


On another note, what I've been working at most, the past two weeks or
so, is the port to "KDE 5" aka KF5 aka frameworks. This is still a
long way to go, but the good news is: It's looking better than
expected, today. I have a running version, without fundamental
issues (such as not starting at all). Many things will still need
tesing and fixing, this still depends on KDE 4 support libraries,
(meaning the dependencies are not much more modular than the old KDE 4
versions, yet), and I have not even started looking at Win and Mac,
yet. But it is clearly a good start.

Check out the "frameworks" branch from git, if you dare. (And most
likely the first issue will be to figure out reliable build

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