[rkward-devel] files.kde.org vs. download.kde.org

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Tue Feb 3 08:35:15 UTC 2015

Hi Mario,

one quick question as we are getting nearer to a 0.6.3 release of
RKWard: What exactly is the difference between files.kde.org and
download.kde.org. We already have some add-on files (including debian
packages) on files.kde.org, and uploading there is really easy. OTOH,
most applications seem to have at least their source releases on

So where would we upload:
- preview releases or snapshots
- the most recent stable release
- an archive of older releases

If it makes any difference, is the answer different for released files:
  - in source form
  - in binary form
  - in "source bundle" form (including R and KDE)
  - in "binary bundle" form (including R and KDE)
The latter two are for Mac and Windows, and can get quite big (up to a
GB, roughly).

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