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On Fri, 19 Dec 2014 23:11:42 +0700
Jodi Jhouranda Siregar <11.6729 at stis.ac.id> wrote:
> Dear RKWard developer.
> I want to ask some help from you. my team is in final project of my
> bachelor study in indonesia. we decided to develop an open source
> statiscal software especially for spatial analysis and use R as it's
> backend. we met a problem to emmbed R engine in our software just
> like what you guys did in RKWard. we have been tried to look into
> your available source code and we still don't know how you guys did
> it. hopes you can help me in our final research.

the best high-level writeup of RKWard design is this article in
jstatsoft: http://www.jstatsoft.org/v49/i09 . You'd want to look at the
appendix, in particular. To give you a very general idea on where to
find the most central bits:

- rkward/rbackend/FindR.cmake and rkward/rbackend/CMakeLists.txt for
configuring the build
- rkward/rbackend/rkbackendprotocol_backend.cpp for setting up the
backend process
- rkward/rbackend/rkrbackend.cpp for actually starting / intializing the
R engine and doing work in R
- rkward/rbackend/rkrbackend_transmitter.cpp for passing messages to
the frontend.

That said, it's hard to tell without knowing more details, but RKWard
may be rather more complex than what you need. Much of that complexity
is for being able to run commands just like they had been typed into an
interactive R console. Another part of the complexity comes from
running the R engine and the frontend asynchronously (and in separate
processes). If you don't need either of this, embedding R will be
considerably easier. You might want to look at Rcpp. And I assume you
are familiar with the relevant section in the R-exts manual:
http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/r-release/R-exts.html#Linking-GUIs-and-other-front_002dends-to-R .

I think those are the best pointers, I can give, right now. If you have
more specific questions about embedding R, feel free to ask.

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