[rkward-devel] New message template rkward__analysis.pot

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Wed Dec 3 08:42:40 UTC 2014


I have just pushed a commit to RKWard's Messages.sh that should result in a 
new .pot-file appearing on the next run of scripty: rkward__analysis.pot. Some 
words of explanation:

1) This is a catalog in addition to rkward.pot. It contains messages from one 
group of RKWard plugins. More such catalogs are going to appear. However, 
firstly, this will need some more work from our side (marking up i18n'able 
strings), and secondly, I'd like to hear if there is anything systematically 
wrong with the extracted messages, before adding the rest.
2) Most of this is old code that has just become i18n'able for the first time, 
and was not written with i18n in mind. I'm afraid there are going to be quite 
a bunch of messages that need to be given context. Please let us know (rkward-
devel mailing list in CC). Or, if you prefer doing changes, yourself: You can 
add context to the messages extracted from XML files by adding an attribute 
i18n_context="something" to the element in question. In our .js files, 
i18n/c/p/cp() are available.
3) The global context to assume is statistics. Please be on the watch-out for 
strings that could be statistical terms. Some of the catalogs to come are 
going to be easier in this respect, but some are going to be considerably more 
specialized. It's no dishonor to pass on catalogs that are outside your area 
of expertise. (Is it possible to add such a "warning" to a .pot-file?)
4) As RKWard plugins are not necessarily installed to a standard system path, 
neither are the corresponding catalogs. If you want to test your translations, 
place them in a subdirectory 
in RKWards sources. Follow the naming scheme
(where XY is your language code). "make install" will install the catalog as 
appropriate. (Note: This may be subject to change in the mid term). 
rkward__anaylsis.pot corresponds - roughly(!) - to the "Analysis" top level 

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