[rkward-devel] R2HTML orphaned on CRAN

meik michalke meik.michalke at uni-duesseldorf.de
Sun Aug 24 14:29:32 UTC 2014

Am Sonntag, 24. August 2014, 12:35:16 schrieb Milan Bouchet-Valat:
> Breaking the API because of a silly WARNING does not seem like the best
> option to me.

i totally agree. but when it comes to keeping something on CRAN, even a silly 
WARNING can shut the door. i really admire the quality management they keep up 
there, but the zero tolerance for even the slightest deviation is sometimes a 
bit too harsh, for my taste. i had to withdraw roxyPackage from CRAN because 
of such a stupid problem.[*]

viele grüße :: m.eik

[*] roxyPackage calls tools:::news2Rd() to create NEWS.Rd files -- which is 
exactly what the manual on news() tells administrators to do. i however was 
told not to use unexported ::: functions. but to my knowledge there is no 
other way to do this job. so i asked them to solve this by exporting that 
particular function in the tools package instead; i mean, if they *want* you 
to use it, why not export it already? but they did not like the idea, and i 
was not willing to lose the functionality i was able to implement by using the 
NEWS.Rd file (especially the RSS feed). apart from that, i find it infuriating 
that packages are being blocked if the ship a copy of the GPL in their 
  dipl. psych. meik michalke
  institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
  abt. f"ur diagnostik und differentielle psychologie
  heinrich-heine-universit"at d-40204 d"usseldorf
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