[rkward-devel] Help with rkward .js code

Peter Mayer peter.mayer at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Aug 21 00:42:28 UTC 2014

	I'm seeking to create a modified copy of the generic rkward plot 
plug-in to add a regression line, plus r-square and other regression 
		Here's an example of the R code I'd like to get to, but for which I 
don't understand the precise rk-to-R syntax I require:

plot(y-var~x-var, data = my.data, las = 1)#can use existing .js code; 
las rotates labels
lml <- lm(my.data$yvar~my.data$x-var)
abline(lml, col = "blue")
text(my.data$x-var,my.data$y-var,my.data$point-id-var, pos = 2, offset = 
-.5, cex = .65)#identifies data points with abbreviations
lmlsum <- summary (lml)
title( sub = paste ("R2 = ", signif(lmlsum$r.squared, 3),"; Intercept = 
", signif(lmlsum$coef[[1]],3), "; Slope = ", signif(lmlsum$coef[[2]], 
3), "; P = ", signif(lmlsum$coef[2,4],3), cex.sub = 0.1, font.sub = 3))# 
add sub-title with r-square, etc.
	In the second line, in particular, I don't know how to express the 
'tilde' in rk format.  Here's one version of what I've tried, all of 
which cause a parsing error:

echo (' lml <- lm(' + y + \"~\" + x +');\n');
I feel that there's something very elementary that I've missed, but I 
don't know what it is! Is there a syntax reference that I can consult?

best wishes,

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