[rkward-devel] rk.Teaching package installation...

Aaron Batty abatty at sfc.keio.ac.jp
Wed Aug 13 23:47:03 UTC 2014

Okay, reports:

1) It got it installed via the R Console in RKWard

2) Most of the dialogs are in Spanish.

3) New plugins do not usually have helpfiles, but when they do, they are in
Spanish; enhancements of old ones have the old helpfiles in English with
Spanish for the additions

4) Outputs are in Spanish

5) Many plugins have package dependencies. In one case, the package is
another custom package, "TeachingExtras", which I don't see anywhere.
Another is "multcomp," which is not in the main repository. We also are
having more of a problem as time goes on with the dependency packages being
made for later versions of R than RKWard uses. This results in errors,
although things usually work fine.

6) Many of the features are welcome additions and should really just be in
the main package. My favorite is the Scatterplot, which will also put in a
fit line.

All told, a lot of work would need to be done to get this ready to be added
to the main package, so it might be about picking the easy things,
polishing them up, and doing it slowly. I think the Scatterplot is a good
way to start.

Finally, expect me to be a little more active again, as I'm back to
teaching stats with RKWard due to the endless license hassles with SPSS
last year, plus the fact that absolutely critical features aren't even
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