[rkward-devel] How to deal with binary packages?

meik michalke Meik.Michalke at uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri May 8 12:45:31 UTC 2009

On Thursday 07 May 2009 18:24:17 Prasenjit Kapat wrote:
> I'll use these short hands for brevity:
> <R == generally behind latest R release,
> <rkw == generally behind latest Rkward release,
> +R == latest R
> +rkw == latest Rkward on KDE4
> +rkw3 == latest Rkward on KDE3
> UR == Official Ubuntu R
> Urkw == Official Ubuntu Rkward
> 1. UR (<R) & Urkw (<rkw OR <rkw3) -- nothing doing
> 2. UR (<R) & "+rkw OR +rkw3" -- we have to provide either via
> Meik's/Launchpad (M/L) repos.
> 3. cran (+R) & "+rkw OR +rkw3" -- cran repos OR M/L repos
> Since we would already be doing 2., I suggest we can pool in 3 also.

actually, i am doing 3 already, at least for i386 since hardy. maybe my long 
list was not readable enough, so i'll try a table this time:

 R version || UR (<R)              | cran (+R)
 KDE 3/4   || +rkw3       | +rkw   | +rkw3            | +rkw
hardy      || rkward-kde3 | rkward | rkward-kde3-cran | rkward-cran
intrepid   || --          | rkward | --               | rkward-cran
jaunty     || --          | rkward | --               | rkward-cran

so there's eight different binaries in my repository. this table can be 
decoded to find the repository needed:
 deb http://reaktanz.de/deb/<repo_name> <ubuntu_version> main
with <ubuntu_version> coming from the first column, and <repo_name> being the 
value of a specific cell.

> Pushing this to cran packagers will again, bring in a _waiting
> queue_...

this might be true. and i don't think they're interested in packages that we 
are still testing ourselves. provinding them with a working diff for the 
latest official/stable release might help them, but not all the testing stages 
before. do you agree?

> Me and Meik can split between 2 and 3. We can use the same
> scripts just different virtual machines!

i'm using six vms at the moment -- hardy, intrepid and jaunty, each in two 
flavours (with/without cran R).
i don't think we need to support versions before hardy, do you? but 64bit 
versions would be useful, and probably packages for the forthcoming 9.10 in 
some months.

> 3. hardy: +rkw3 & +rkw -- cran provides 0.5.0b-2
> 4. intrepid: +rkw3 & +rkw -- cran NONE
> 5. jaunty: +rkw -- cran NONE
> Which of these do we really want to provide? 4. and 5 - should.

i'd count in 3. as well, because it is the latest "long term support" release. 
and do we really still need kde3 in intrepid?

> Another issue: Will rkward compiled against KDE 4.2.x work on KDE
> 4.1.x? Probably not!

no, probably not -- why do you ask? do you want to support third party kde 
repositorys as well?

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