[rkward-devel] Jarque-Bera Normality Test

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sun Dec 16 18:55:39 UTC 2007

On Sunday 16 December 2007, Stefan Rödiger wrote:
> Do you plan another release this year? Will it be a bug fix/new feature or
> only bug fix release?

Theoretically, yes, practically, I'm not sure whether it will still happen 
this year.

That release (0.4.9) will be mostly bug-fixes but also the new / changed 
plugins. So it will be a release with few, but some new features.

I'd like to release 0.5.0 *very* shortly (a few days) after that. This will be 
the first KDE 4 release. It will contain the same plugins as 0.4.9, only some 
new features, but of course the code-base is vastly different after the port.

After that, the "active" development will continue on the KDE 4 version, only, 
but there will likely be another few KDE 3 releases (probably named 0.4.10, 
11, etc.) with important bugfixes, and new/updated plugins (but no 
significant new features otherwise).

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