Major CI changes - FreeBSD and Linux

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Mon Jan 22 09:08:24 GMT 2024

Hi all,

Over the past few weeks significant work has been undertaken to develop the
ability to make use of containerised builds for FreeBSD.

Over the weekend i'm happy to report that this has now been rolled out and
is now in use across all 5 CI workers that support This
means going forward that we should no longer experience issues with running
out of disk space on our FreeBSD CI jobs anymore, and we will have the
ability to ensure others can easily reproduce our setup on their local

The FreeBSD images for Qt 5.15 and Qt 6.6 that are in use can be found at along with the other images we
publish. For those curious about how to set up their own builder,
instructions can be found in the gitlab-templates/ folder of
sysadmin/ci-utilities (instructions are also present there for Linux and

Alongside this, we've also transitioned from using Docker on the Linux side
of the CI workers to using rootless (unprivileged) Podman containers. This
change was necessitated by changes to Bubblewrap, which is the underlying
container technology used by flatpak-builder, that made it incompatible
with the workarounds we previously had in place to run it under Docker.

For most projects, this should not pose any issues however due to a last
minute issue that was discovered during the rollout the DRM virtual gem
devices while present won't be accessible. To my knowledge this only
impacts KWin.
It is possible other projects that were doing actions in their tests that
need some form of privilege (such as invoking a debugger) may also be
affected, however in theory there should not be much difference between the
two container implementations.

This change has also come along with a switch to Debian Bookworm (and the
6.1.0 kernel that comes with it) which depending on your tests could also
have an impact.

The underlying operating system in use within our Linux CI images is not
changed and continues to be OpenSUSE for desktop Linux, and Ubuntu 22.04
for Android mobile builds.

At this time the setup for building of Linux images has yet to be adapted,
so that capability is temporarily unavailable. It is expected to be
restored in the coming days.
Until that is completed, we will be unable to rebuild any of our Linux

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