KF5 kio-extras and future releases

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Apr 28 11:43:05 BST 2024

I have not included a package of the kf5 branch of kio-extras in the KDE Gear 
24.05 release.

At least two people have asked me about whether it should be included or not.

I honestly don't know what to say :D

In my mind it's a no and i'll explain the reasons below, feel free to disagree 
or prove my points nonsense.

As far as I understand kio-extras-kf5 was created because:
 A) We needed a KF6 kio-extras so that KF6 apps can use extra-kio stuff
 B) We needed a KF5 kio-extras that could be coinstalled with the above KF6 
kio-extras so that KF5 apps can use extra-kio stuff

Now, question is should we keep releasing kio-extras-kf5 or not?

Given KF5 kio is in a relatively deep freeze, no new changes in kio-extras-kf5 
are going to be needed to adapt to changes in kio. 

kio-extras-kf5 is extracted from a branch named "kf5" that I guess not many 
developers are really paying attention to because it's neither master nor the 
usual release/xx.yy branch.

It could happen that we need a very important bugfix to kio-extras-kf5 and it 
would be commited to that branch and we would need to do a release.

But given how that doesn't seem super likely and how much of a pain it is to 
our release process to release it (we need to release two tarballs from the 
same repo but from different branches) I would really really say, no,  we 
don't release it with every single KDE Gear release (until we drop KF5 
support), if there's any eventual bugfix we'll just release a new tarball (in 
the 24.02.x naming?).


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