CI moved to Qt 6.7 for Linux builds

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sun Apr 21 01:34:29 BST 2024

Hi all,

I have just flipped the switch that has moved the CI system over to using
Qt 6.7 for Linux builds on our SUSE images.

Should you see any issues with builds failing as a result of packages being
missing in the registry then please submit a merge request to
sysadmin/ci-management to ensure that build dependency is added to our seed

I'll leave the Qt 6.6 package registry and container images in place for
another week or so then will schedule them for removal.

As part of this I have also updated the list of projects with Qt 6 only
master branches. Any residual Qt 5 build artifacts the CI system was
holding for those projects have now been purged, which may impact
downstream projects that depend on those projects that are still on Qt 5.

On an adjacent note, i'd also like to schedule removing CI support for
release/23.08 and Plasma/5.27 builds (by purging all their binaries we
currently hold) for the Qt 5.15 series.

While checking however I note that several projects still have activity on
those branches. Can we please confirm whether any further releases are
expected, as i'd prefer to remove anything that isn't being properly
maintained anymore.

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